Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Harry Connick Jr, the pianist

Keyboard, stripes I recently discovered the pianist side of Harry Connick Jr, who is best known as a crooner. The influence of Thelonious Monk is remarkably high. Broken rhythms, weird block chords, minimalist improvisations: we are in presence of one of the only disciples of The Sphere. He even grabs full codas from Monk. For evidence, listen to One Last Pitch, a trio recording.

And what's remarkable, is that it seems that this influence has been completely overlooked by everybody. Connick is a much, much better pianist than singer. And his piano style is certainly not what you'd expect from a white crooner with the look of an Hollywood playboy.

Well, I guess that it's just another confirmation of the old saying, all jazz musicians are underestimated.

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JazzBrew said...

Ironic that I stumbled on this post... I purchased Harry's trio CD a long time ago expecting it to contain vocals. I was disappointed when it wasn't as I wasn't into "jazz" then.

Fast forward to now where I am not only listening to jazz but playing it on trumpet. I revisted the trio CD and suffice to say -- I love it. Harry can flat out play and as you state, the Monk influence is unmistakable.