Thursday, 20 March 2008

Google charts on Flickr

Looks like the Google Chart API now does maps. I like maps.

I figured that I could map some of my flickr tags to a map, just to see where I've taken my photos. Here are some of my location-related tags, and the current number of photos tagged with:

(total for France tags)404

It's then almost trivial to come up with an image URL from google:

Neat, huh?

But where to go from there? Obviously, it would be a good idea to tag photos with the two-letter ISO country name, maybe as "country:FR" or "country:NL" (not sure what a good convention would be); then, the associated number of photos could be retrieved effortlessly via the Flickr API. Alternatively, if one wants to construct a nice mashup, having a DB full of city names or/and using geotags would be a nice idea too. Tuits anyone?

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Kai Carver said...

Wow this blog is on fire lately ;-)

I'd like a client-side imagemap to go with that please.