Wednesday, 19 March 2008

CPAN reports colors has, on each distribution page, a link to CPAN testers reports, and, thanks to Slaven Rezic, to matrices that neatly summarize the report statuses per distribution or per author (here's an example for Safe 2.15).

Unfortunately, the default color scheme isn't really readable for color-blind people. However, Slaven used a less known feature of CSS to provide an alternate colouring scheme. In Firefox, when viewing the matrix page, select View > Page Style > High Contrast to get the alternate CSS, et voilà, the colours are now accessible. Thanks Slaven!


Kai Carver said...

Constrast? Is that like a Consttype? :-)

Nice post with the music, btw. I see the Village Voice called "One Last Pitch" "Monk-by-numbers" in a not entirely negative appraisal way back in 1992.

Rafael said...

Spélingue fixaide. And thanks for the Connick link!