Wednesday 16 January 2008

Disk usage graphical presentation

I found out by accident about this GNOME tool, the "Disk Usage Analyzer". It has a surprisingly good UI, displaying subdirectories as concentric circular arcs. It makes visually obvious the spots where all the place is wasted. Or spent.

As an illustration, here's a screenshot of it displaying the disk usage taken by a fresh checkout of Perl 5's sources.

I wouldn't have thought that Encode was taking so much space. (This is, of course, due to all the files that describes the various encodings recognized by this module.)


Mark T. Kennedy said...

What's the binary name (for those not using gnome)?

Rafael Garcia-Suarez said...

You can't make that up. The binary name is "baobab".

vasi said...

Just FYI, the concentric-rings concept seems to be originally from filelight.