Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The elevator dream

Light ascending I made one of those strange dreams tonight. My job was to write software for elevators. I had just read a (fictional) article by MJD on how bad is most software for elevators, and written by incompetent programmers. Full of those thoughts, feeling somewhat insecure about my ability to write good elevator software, I begin my work day by, you know, taking an elevator, to go to my office. At this exact moment, a bunch of Japanese girls show up and take the elevator with me. Somehow they know what I do for a living, so they start asking questions: "Hey, I'm vegan. Can't you design elevators for vegans? -- I'm Christian, and there are no good Bible-friendly elevators. -- ..." and so on ad libitum. When I said, "Bloody Hell", (for once, I dreamt in English), "Bloody Hell, why can't you just all take the same bloody elevator", I woke up.

Next time, I'll take the stairs.

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asukrieh said...

This really sounds like a feeling of being exhausted by design requests you're facing in real life. Like, most of the time, people are asking you to design stuff you feel like being totally meaningless.

The fact your "audience" is only composed by Japanese girls would also underline that you don't feel like being from the same culture than the ones who ask for those design requests.

Or maybe not. Sorry for playing at being Freud for 2 minutes ;-)

See ya.